Whose House Is This?

For the last 10 years the Bogathy Fright Productions has brought you quality haunted attractions while raising thousands of dollars for local charities. After being unable to provide a quality and safe attraction in 2020, we are back and taking on our most ambitious Haunted Attraction yet! We are back for 2021 as the MAACabre Haunted Attraction. This year's event will benefit the MAAC Foundation. If you’re not familiar with the MAAC Foundation, it is an organization that provides training facilities, support and training to our Northern Indiana First Responders at NO CHARGE!

So in 2021, come out to Valparaiso and Experience a Haunt like no other in Indiana!

*MAACabre is a 100% Charity Haunted Attraction. All proceeds benefit the MAAC Foundation and Northern Indiana First responders. Help Us to Help them!

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